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Q: “ I am new customer and would like to bid.  How do I get started?

A: Your bid will be accepted only if you have an active account with Rocky Mountain Imports Ltd and have paid your deposit as required.

Q: How can I pay a deposit to Rocky Mountain Imports Ltd?

A: You can choose on of the following options:

  1. Credit card over the phone to Rocky Mountain Imports Ltd
  2. Payment by credit card via to
  3. Email Money Transfer to

Q: What are Rocky Mountain Imports Ltd’s charges for handling the Yahoo Items?

A: Additional charges will apply to each item purchased:

  • Handling of parts:  15% of the Yahoo winning bid amount, but with a minimum ¥1,000 per item.
  • Bank charges: Bank charge on the payment to the seller:  ¥500 per item.
  • Yahoo auction commission:  3% on all items.
  • Delivery of the item from the seller to our guys in Japan: Depending on the item’s size, typically ¥700 (injectors and lights) to ¥7,000 (for exhaust systems, bumpers and body panels).  Some larger items have higher inland charges
  • Delivery to you.  You have few options:
  • Place inside one of our weekly UPS shipments.  Shipping is determined by prorating the entire cost of shipment.  Shipments leave every Friday.
  • EMS courier- This is fast, 3-5 days to the North America (no EMS currently from Japan due to Covid).  
  • Consolidation of large items (Engines, gearboxes, axles etc) into LCL or FCL ocean containers.  
  • Have it ship in one of our containers.  Cheapest way to ship but rather slow.  We are currently shipping by container every 2-3 months.  This is the only method available to large items (engine, body panels, windshields etc)
  • Contact us with your specific requirements for further details and quotes.