Service page

     In addition to supplying parts. We are also an automotive repair facility that specialize in maintenance and repairs on all Japanese (JDM and North American spec) and European models.  Our technicians are well experienced in the maintenance and repair of import and domestic diesel powered vehicles.
     We have 3 knowledgeable red seal technicians able to take on any task.  Our technicians come from different automotive backgrounds and enable Rocky Mountain Imports Ltd the ability to repair just about anything.  Our technicians take pride in their work and have the ability to diagnose and repair vehicles and not just 'be parts replacers'. 
     Marco is our BMW and Mercedes expert.  He has extensive knowledge of BMW's from the 80's to today.  Marco can perform everything from simple maintenance tasks to full drivetrain swaps in BMWs and everything in-between.  
     Trevor brings 10 years of experience working on Volkswagens and Audi.  Trevor has a deep knowledge of water cooled VWs. Golfs, Jetta's, Passat's, Euro vans and so on.  Trevor has performed engine transplants from gas to diesel engines as well as 1.8T and VR6 conversions into various models.    
     Our newest tech, Brandon has extensive experience with Mazda.  He is also big fan of Toyota trucks and especially Landcruiser's.  He is an avid off roader and owns several Landcruiser's himself.  Brandon also has experience in IFS to solid axle and other types of driveline conversions.      
     There is nothing we can't do, please send us an email for further enquiries.  We are happy to discuss any repairs you may need and can provide estimates.  We strive to offer our customers with automotive repairs performed to high standards without the high prices.  You can find the email contact at the bottom of this page.