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Ship your wheels, engines & bodykits from Japan, large or small. Yahoo, UP Garage, any shop in Japan.

Would you like to do any one of the following:

  • Purchase your own parts on Yahoo Auctions in Japan and ship to North America?
  • Purchase your own parts from UpGarage or any other shop in Japan and ship to North America?
  • Ship heavy goods like an Engine or Gearbox from Japan to North America?
  • Ship wheels with or without tyres in a cost effective manner from Japan to North America?
  • Ship awkward large items like bumpers, hoods or complete body kits from Japan to North America?
  • Receive a door-to-door shipping service with all import administration & clearance taken care of with full tracking?


Rocky Mountain Imports operates a regular container shipping service from Japan to North America with a container from Tokyo every 8 to 10 weeks. We can offer you a shared space in our shipping container allowing you to ship your heavy/bulky items from Japan in the safest and most cost effective way. We unload our containers in Canada and forward shipping to your address through our North American logistics network covering all regions.

Our fee covers: Storage, insurance, crating and loading in Japan, marine cargo insurance, shipping from Tokyo to our Canadian depot and customs clearance agent fees. You will additionally have a charge for import tax and transport from our depot to your address (or you may pick up).


  1. You purchase a suitable CONTAINER BOARDING PASS for the goods you want to ship.
  2. We will email you with a Parcel ID and shipping address in Japan where you need to send your goods to. (We can assist in this by having goods collected for you for an additional cost).
  3. We book your goods in at our shipping facility in Tokyo, crate them for shipping and load into the container. You will get a status update email confirming receipt.
  4. Container ships from Japan and a tracking link is issued so you can follow your shipment as it sails to North America.
  5. Container arrives and is cleared through customs. We will issue you with your bill for customs and import duty based on the invoice you provide us for your goods.
  6. Finally we arrange forward shipping to your location anywhere in North America via box or pallet. 
  7. Enjoy your new parts.


  • Rocky Mountain Imports is a real registered business with over 16 years import experience. We’re here to guide you at all points.
  • We love JDM parts and will respect your delivery and handle with care.
  • Because of our product shipping volume, we have the most frequent container service running from Japan.
  • We provide online tracking from start to finish so you will know where your item is.
  • We have hotline numbers so you can call if you need any information about your shipment.
  • We ship goods all over the world but our pallet shipping network in North America is No.1. having sent engines, transmissions and windshields to everywhere from the Newfoundland to Florida to Hawaii.



Container shipping is not suitable for time critical items. Containers are sent every 8 – 10 weeks and then take 2 – 3 weeks on the water. Please be aware of this before deciding to ship items using this method.  Please be aware container shipping has been greatly affected by Covid-19 and how often we can ship containers.  We are slowly getting back to a regular container shipping schedule.